Thursday 4 July 2013

New Public Submission feature launched!

Happy Belated Canada Day!

This post would have come a few days ago on July 1st, however I wanted to wait until we had made sure some recent server changes had not caused any problems.

I am happy to announce that I've launched the newest site feature. That being public park submissions. To submit a playground to us, first, before you visit the park, please sign up or log in, and take a look at the submission page, it has some tips on what to look for, what you should photograph and how you can get a panoramic shot. once you'd visited the park, come back online and fill out the submission page. Once submitted I'll review the submission for accuracy, as well to make sure all information was recorded correctly and that the attached photos are appropriate, I will then approve the park and it will be live on the site. Otherwise I will contact you for more information.

This is very large new feature with lots of code, while I've tested it several times. some problems may still arise. If this happens, please contact me through our contact page ( and we'll try and fix the issue.

I hope you all enjoy the new parks I have added recently. We're working hard to make the database as complete as possible, and I many more planned to come as well. 

Once again, Happy Canada Day, and enjoy your summer. 


JustParkIt Administrator

Sunday 31 March 2013

New Blog/News Feed

Happy Easter, Everyone!

I hope everyone has had a nice and warm winter. I've added the news blog to be able to pass along updates and information. as well you can also follow us on twitter (@justparkit_ca) and Facebook(

As some of you may have noticed, a few new parks have been added to the site. These were a few leftovers from last fall, that i have been using to develop some of the upcoming features. More new parks will be added as soon as the snow has melted and the grass has greened up a bit (This makes for better pictures). if you have suggestions for new parks, please feel free to contact me through the address listed here, Contact Us.

As for new features, the finishing touches and tests are being done on a few of them, including being able to submit your own parks, which (once reviewed and approved) will be added publicly to the database. I can't provide an exact timeline on when it will become available, however I hope to finish them off and make sure they work, with in the next month or so.

So stay tuned for updates, I hope this will be a very good year for us.
JustParkIt Admin